SEED SALT.  A Sprouted Superfood Seed Seasoning. SuperSEED the ordinary & revolutionize your meals daily with SEED SALT!  Plant-based.  Mineral rich.  Nutrient dense.  Omegas.  We bring SEEDS to LIFE!

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SEED SALT.  Seeds + Superfood + Salt   A handcrafted blend of 9 different organic seeds, superfoods, mineral salts, and spices, made in small batches, with lots of LOVE!  Super Delicious.  Super Nutritious.  Superfood.  Use daily as your upgraded table salt and seasoningGARLIC CAYENNE pairs best with: Avocado Toast, Guacamole, Fish Tacos, Green Salad, Hummus, (Spanish) Rice, Eggs, Grains, Proteins, (Nacho) Popcorn.  It’s Organic, Gluten free, Non GMO, Vegan, Paleo and mostly Raw!  Mighty seeds, mighty delicious…seeded food is good food.  Your tastebuds will love it, your body will thank you!

For optimal quality and nutrition, REFRIGERATE after opening.

Sesame seed**, pumpkin seed**, sunflower seed**, hemp seed*, mineral salts (pink Himalayan, French sel gris),  chia seed*, flax seed*, poppy seed*, nutritional yeast, maca*, tomato*, garlic*, cayenne*, spices*, and LOVE!
*Organic  *Sprouted


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