"Hey Tamara! I met you at the market with my friend Mona last week and we had that short but beautiful connection of love. Wanted you to know how much we love your seed salt. It has been playing a beautiful part of my life and diet. Anyways, want you to know how beautiful you and your heart are. Sending Peace and Goodness to you and your company!"

"Seed salt is awesome!  Can’t live without it! ……..well, I suppose I could live, but it wouldn’t be as tasty and nourishing!"

"Wow!! This is the most amazing way to flavor your food and keep it healthy too! Thank you Tamara Runa! xoxoxo"

"Seed salt is the best addiction you could ever have!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It tastes amazing on everything!!!!!"

"We love your salt! My kids love it on everything. Great product!!"

"Hey Tamara, It’s Andrew, the man who heard your story at the Rancho farmers market yesterday. I’m also the man who put your seed salt on my avocado sandwich, then died and went to heaven! Thank you so much for sharing your passions and masterpieces with the world. My friends and family will all be Runa converts soon enough!…"

"I am in love with the Seed Sweet options! I love the regular ones also but I love substituting my candy and junk food with the sweet options! Adding it to rice pudding is a must! – Andrea"

"Tamara, Met you today under the cloudy Idyllwild sky. My kind of day turned out to be an even better day when I sampled your delicious seasonings. I am the lady who bought the Garlic Cayenne for the organic cherry tomatoes. I put just a touch of olive oil, thinly sliced yellow, green and orange peppers and a bit of chopped red onion. My “meat and potatoes” living with a vegetarian husband loved it. Next came desert. Another hit was made. Strawberries and blueberries with a generous dash of Cinnamon Spice and who needs whipped cream? I am sold and my Christmas shopping is done!"

"We love all of our Seed Salt and Seed Sweet! Our family has been on a journey of learning to eat more healthy. We are in the process of changing our diet to a mostly plant based diet. I love trying the Seed Salt on different vegetables, and we love the Seed Sweet with our breakfast smoothies, oatmeal and Quinoa. These seasonings fit right into our mission to eliminate processed foods from our life! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!"

"Recently went to farmers market and bought Coconut Cacao! Oh my GOOOOODNESSSS! I made a strawberry-peach milkshake with fresh sweet basil topped with our new seed sweet. DELISH!!! I have now begun to eating spoonfuls while cooking… I cant stay away!"

"I gave your salt as a gift last year. My sister and her daughter asked for the black truffle salt for Christmas – thanks for making my shopping easier."

"A Very SPECIAL thank YOU, to YOU! The Crown Jewel of SEASONINGS! POP-Open The Golden Kernel! The Perfect Pop-Corn Ensemble! You’ve ORCHESTRATED My Taste Buds To A Mighty Delicious CRESCENDO! THANK YOU! – M. | San Diego, CA"

"We love our seed salt, in particular the black truffle and garlic cayenne…delicious on popcorn, kamut, sautéed veggies – on just about anything! Love the philosophy and love the products. Thanks, Tamara, for your care in providing such a glorious gift. Xoxo"

"Hi Tamara, Beautiful website….fabulous photography and artistic display of each product, and its ingredients, backdrop, color arrangement, still life right down to the broken scoop strategically placed…you’re very talented, artistic, creative, and meticulous. So appealing to your purpose….first impressions say a lot, as seeing is believing when society lacks imagination in this technological world that produces lazy minds, robbing our creativity you derived from your childhood experiences and lacks, a gift to treasure…a picture is worth a thousand words as you’re true to your adopted philosophy, to: “find a missing…keep it simple”, wherein simplicity is elegance, and LOVE the main ingredient! A little birdy told me………."

"The best thing I did at the farmer’s market was stretch out my hand and taste your seasonings!!! It was so good that I immediately brought my roommate to you to buy other flavors. I continue to share with others how good these seeds are and how they need to buy it. I will definitely be purchasing again to share it with others. Thank you and I look forward to buying again!"

"My wife Pamela and I (Edwin) were traveling for the first time to San Diego, we are from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (a little island in the Caribbean between Puerto Rico and Cuba), full of cooking tradition and exotic flavors. In the City Tour we did a stop in Little Italy on Saturday (one week ago) and the best surprise, there was the Farmers Market. One of the best carps was BēRUNA® . All that we tasted was wonderful, including the sweet things and the salted stuff, so deep and organic the flavors, well balanced and innovating combinations. We actually wanted to buy all the products at the same time, because every sample was full, tasty and different for food complement. We loved the experience in the Market, in the City and with BēRUNA® . We are happy with our gourmet cuisine with BēRUNA’s®  complements. Congrats and thank you for your products…." – Edwin y Pamela




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